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Their story begins with Robert Clarke, a poor agricultural labourer in the village of Coney Weston, Suffolk, England, who made the world's first 
tin whistle in about the year 1843. 
The business remained in the Clarke family until 1986. 
The new owners commissioned bespoke whistle maker Michael Copeland 
to design a new plastic mouthpiece, hence creating this "Sweetone" 
model. It has a very efficient mouthpiece, which means one can 
blow long musical phrases in one breath. 
The Clarke whistle has a sound far above its modest cost.
Having just six holes, it is simpler than a recorder. 
Fingering chart included.
The C whistle uses just what would be white notes on a keyboard.
The D whistle is commonly used in Irish music.
Sweetone whistles are a great introduction to playing music, and will last many years. I've been playing the same one for 9 years now!

Clarke are renowned the world over for the
quality of their whistles.

The difference between Sweetone and Meg

The Sweetone is made in Kent, England by the Clarke Tin Whistle Company. The Meg is made for them in Asia somewhere by new technology, and is made to a price. The mouthpieces look the same and are interchangeable, but the factory says they are different, but I can’t tell.

If you are a novice, you will probably never know the difference sound-wise. Both whistles are made the same design, but I think the
Meg metal is thinner, and it just plays slightly different.

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